An IPFS distributed data science service for social media analysis.
It's decentralised, it's anonym and it uses EXH!

exoHash will be an IPFS based social media data science platform by Thomas Albin & Henning Elbers Data Consulting GbR. Our algorithms track hashtag or location depending information for you, analyse the content, create nice graphs and upload the results on IPFS (the decentralized Web 3.0). By starting an IPFS daemon you participate in hosting our future site and everything gets for everyone faster. The principles and ideas of the Web 3.0 based service are:


The GDPR was introduced in the EU to improve and protect the data security of customers. Still, laws can be bypassed and one has to believe and hope, that the data will not be misused. So what is the solution? We think it is "data security by design". Technologically, we have no idea who you really are. We know one thing from our customers: their public Stellar address.


Honestly, our service is not yet 100 % decentralized. Our data scientific programs run on our machines, and we have to do some research to decentralize this too and reward participants in supporting us. Anyway, the future website, the results and content are stored on IPFS. You help us to distribute this site and take the next step to Web 3.0

On Demand Service

We are tired of the recent financial developments in IT. Every web service, mobile app or software program uses monthly or yearly charged subscriptions. Our service is simple: you pay on demand. If you need it you pay for it. Do not worry about daily charges. You control your assets.

Sharing Community

There is no storage of personal data. So there is no login or anything behind a "digital" wall. Data science results are stored publicly. So anybody can see it. You may do not like it, but you also profit from the analysis initiated by others. That way, we hope to build up a good community. Furthermore we do not want to waste resources on redundancy (storage, power, etc.). Let's keep it on a reasonable level.

No Overhead

Virtually any website, free or not, has an overhead that annoys any user. Cookies, ads, pop-ups, scripts that tell you to turn of your no-script plugin so that you can load the site properly which causes another "alert" to turn of your ad blocker etc. On our site: None. There is nothing. Maybe in the future there will be "featured" hashtags. But these will only be highlighted in a decent way.

Less Speculative

We do not "solve any problem of the XY industry" by introducing a token. We do not pre-sale, airdrop, give bonus, distribute randomly tokens and disappear with a few Ether or Bitcoins. We do no try to "reach the Moon". The number of token distributions depend on our service capacities (certain amount per week). We will put effort into price stability, that the price will not be dominated by "moon-shooters" or "pump-and-dumps". We will couple our price with our products and growth. With more features, tools etc. we will steadily grow and increase the token price.

Please note: Currently we write our Whitepaper to describe our service and the exoHash token. The first version of our web product will be released at the same time as the first token sale and is currently tested. Before the release, the whitepaper and token need to be checked and verified.


To prevent malicious impersonation, here are the issuer and distributor Stellar addresses: